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Tom's Mission

What does Tom want with these films?

Obviously I am seeking these films for personal enjoyment and appreciation- but everyone wins for the following reasons.

Back in 2005, I started an online storefront called "Tom's Vintage Film." I had originally intended for excess 8mm and 16mm films from my collection to be sold on this website. Upon further brainstorming, I found that it was necessary to "give back" to the community of animation enthusiasts by slowly making rare and obscure Silent Animation available on DVD. I then began to compile silent animation from my VHS collection onto DVD and offer these compilations on Tom's Vintage Film in DVD format. The response has been very positive. In a nutshell, my mission is to not only collect and catalog silent cartoons, but to slowly make them available once again to the public. It is because of this that all enthusiasts win when I acquire more films.
To view Tom's Vintage Film, please follow this link:

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Tom the Projectionist

Picture coming soon

Collecting film is a labor of love! Films require repair and other maintenance work. However, once I sit down to flip on the projector, all the work pays off in a most fulfilling way.


Some of my favorite silent cartoon stars include:
Felix the Cat, Farmer Alfalfa, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Ko-Ko the Clown, Bobby Bumps, Dinky Doodle, and countless others!

My favorite silent animation studios include:
Bray Studios, Pat Sullivan Studios, Out of the Inkwell, etc.

Always Seeking Silent Animation!