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This Site Has Moved

VHS-to-DVD and DVD-to-VHS


New! Tom's VHS-to-DVD Service!

You can now have VHS Video put on DVD and DVD copied to VHS video here at Tom's Vintage Film! Rates are below.
Initial fees:
Blank DVD-R or DVD+R    $1
DVD Authoring fee            $5
Per minute of VHS recorded to DVD:  15cents  (2 hour maximum per DVD)
Add chapter:  25cents per Chapter
Editing:  10cents per minute of footage removed/omitted from DVD
DVD Case   $1
Case insert (with contents listed) 50cents
(DVD Labels not available at this time)
Additional copy of DVD: $2 per copy.
Initial Fees:
Blank VHS  $1
Taping Fee: $5
Per minute of DVD copied to VHS: 10cents (2 hour max.)
Editing: 10 cents per minute of footage omitted from VHS.
Cases and inserts unavailable for this service. Finished tapes will come in their generic sleeves with labels citing your order number.
Additional copies of VHS: $5
Please be assured that your original VHS tapes and DVDs will be returned to you as I received them. Shipping applies to all orders and is extra.